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I'm back! Almost...

:-p So...how many of you thought I had died?

After 5 long years without internet access my husband bought a smart phone. AND I'm going tomorrow to sign upfor a cable connection. So YAY!!!!!!!

And to kick off my return to fandom I've written a new chapter of PMC. It occurs to me that it might be construed as rude to ask for a beta reader in my first post in years.But I'm just so esited!

Hope to chat with you all VERY SOON!


NEED more Saiyuki. *hyperventilates* No more anime after Gunlock. Can't get my hands on Gaiden manga.

Need Bleach, too! And Saiyuki.

But first. Please more Snarky Sanzo.

Tara's Sanity

Additional note to Tara from her fragile sanity:

Gojyo/Renji...Ichigo/Sanzo. Draw it. Soon. Might...help me hang on a little longer. Thank you.

Hey all. I've been meaning to write for a long time now. But for a very long time it seemed like one terrible thing was happening after another and I just didn't have the strength to put it all down, and when I tried I felt like I was just complaining and no one likes to read that. So ANYWAY...

Things are on a fairly even keel now. Got a great new job. I've only been there two and a half months and already I'm being mentored for a promotion in April so YAY! And if our department keeps growing like it has been I'll likely be getting the next promotion when they get their ducks in a row and create the position. It's so nice to finally work somewhere with advancement opportunities.

The Booger is doing great. She's so big now. I'll post pictures when we get the scanner to working. Being a momma is the coolest thing ever. So glad I got knocked up. She's finally decided to try in ernest to start talking. She'd said a few things but we were starting to worry. Now she's coming along fine. 'Apple' is presently her favorite word...followed closely by 'no'. Potty training is also coming along better than expected. And I thought this parent thing was going to be hard. :p I guess the worse is yet to come, though.

Finally...FINALLY...my husband has pulled his head out of his ass and figured out marriage is not a game and I'm not interested in playing anymore and I'm also not beyond divorcing his ass if he pushes me to it. So now we're doing well. :) I have to say, even though he's un-employed, our home life has never been better. So less stressful.

My dad's legs have finnally stop with the mystery swelling so this whole 'learning to walk again' thing can finally really get underway. And Mother may get her old job back at the library which will make her a much happier person. She hates her job now.

I have recently discovered the reason I've never been able to lose weight, no matter how hard I tried. And so when my health benefits kick in on the first the doc and I are going to be having a little talk. My sister lost 70 lbs and now I'm ready to follow suit. And when I'm thin-ilicious my parents have promised to buy me boobs. Huzzah! Cos I have zero boobage as it is. If I lost 70 lbs my chest might actually be concave.

So I never have time to sit and read my friends page anymore, because we don't have internet access at home. But I think of you guys often. I really do. And I hope you are all doing well. I'll try to skim and catch up a little when I get the next chance.

Till then, take care. Miss you guys!

For those in the Tulsa area: if you like ragtime, go watch my cousin. He's awesome. flyerCollapse )
Guess who's writing a new chapter of the monster fic from hell.

Am kinda excited. *waggles*
So it's 4 am and I'm bored as hell and wondering what it was I used to do on the internets once upon a time that kept me up until the wee hours of the morn.

I RPed. I RPed Remus Lupin.

I want to RP RIGHT NOW! *is sad because she can't*
I want to RP Remus! *is sad because the likelihood of Remus Lupin being an available character in any game worth playing in is virtually nonexistent*

What good is unlimited internet access if one can't write plot-driven smut between characters that don't belong to them with other people who understand and share the bizarre need to write plotty smut with aforementioned characters?!?!

I think the stress is getting to me.

I wish the stress was getting to Remus and I could help him find a creative way of relieving it

It's official. I need to go to bed.

Will I? ............................Neh
I <3 Lily Allen


Jul. 17th, 2007

I know no one has seen me in, like, years. But I had to post to say:

I loved the movie!!!OMGosidfgwodsihgaposdgh!!!!!!!!111 Isodidntliketheothermoviesatallreallybutthisonewassoyayyyyy<3<3<3