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Anyone home?

If anyone is still following or is interested....I finished The Proud Man's Contumely. Faint and fall over right???? AND I started a sequel, which is about halfway done and it MIGHT turn into a trilogy.

I recommend reading it on AO3. If you need an invite, let me know. :) It's also on ff.net, but the version on AO3 is more polished.



I've done it!!

Bwahahahaha!! I've finally finished another chapter. Here tis. Feel free to tell me why it sucks.



Chapter 20 of The Proud Man's ContumelyCollapse )






PMC anyone?

Finally, I think I'm ready for a real beta of chapter 20. Any takers? To any of you who might have read the rough rough draft I finished a couple of (3?) weeks ago, I think you'lll be pleasantly surprised. It flows sooooo much better now.

I'd forgotten what a long process this writing stuff is. When I started the fic, I was living alone and had nothing but time. Now my free time is scarce and frought with interruption.

BUT I'm typing it up now. We're taking a little vacation from the angst as you guys deserve it, and Goddess knows poor Harry does.

Not to piss off my Snarry shippers, but I'm really digging the Harry/Remus vibe goin'. Harry and Snarry are still gonna get it on, don't worry. But in the meantime... Yummmm
So I've known it was coming for a while, but that didn't make it any less painful.

Why do I have to fall in love with anime characters? WHY?? And why always the bad guys? They have such a bad habit of dying.

I watched him dissolve two days ago and I'm still randomly crying. My poor skinny, frowny nihilist. *weep*
The next chapter just keeps getting longer and longer....hopefully it's getting better too, but that remains to be seen.

Man. Haters can be long-winded.

Some chick just left an epic negative review almost as long as my fic. Just what I wanted to see first thing this morning. :-p

Oh well. I'm still going to write on it. And it would be, like, daft to change the style suddenly in chapter 20. So I hope she's given up on it. Because I'm not going to be able to make her happy.